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Can a Tanning Booth Be Healthy?
A tanning booth can be a safe way to optimize your vitamin D level, but it must be the right kind of tanning booth—one that produces UVB without dangerous EMF radiation produced from magnetic ballasts used in most conventional tanning booths.  See more from articles by Dr. Mercola:


Recommended by the Vitamin D Council
Scientists at the Vitamin D Council agree that both children and adults should have a Vitamin D level of 50 ng/ml all year-round. They recommend the use of any Mercola Tanning Systems as a safe and effective way to help you achieve natural levels of Vitamin D. The Vitamin D Council is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to educate the public about Vitamin D deficiency and how to prevent it.

Vitamin D is an important member of Dr. Oz’s anti-aging checklist; it plays a number of roles in our bodies, including:
• Promoting absorption of calcium and bone health
• Boosting immune function
• Reducing inflammation
• Healthy neuro-muscular function
• Protecting against some forms of cancer
• Safer tanning with skin rejuvenation

Relax in the Glow of 4 Health-Enhancing Lights

Enjoy Vitamin D Producing UVB, Skin Rejuvenating, Infrared, Red and Blue Light
with the Safer Vitality Tanning Sun Splash Refresh Stand-Up Booth

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