Express Skin Treatments at Medi-Lift Spa



Express Treatments at Medi-Lift Spa

Enjoying beautiful, sunny summers is a must… Keep on spending time outdoors, but be sure to take proper care of your skin at the same time.

Now at Medi-Lift Spa – Express Treatments for Sun Recovery: Rejuvenate your skin and relax with express skin treatments at Medi-Lift Spa, only 20 minutes each.

– Moisture Infusion: Indicated for dry/dehydrated skin, for an intense hydration.

– Blemish Buster: Indicated for anyone with oily to acne-prone skin, to purify and mattify the skin.

– Express Exfoliation: Indicated for all skin types, excluding sensitive/irritated skin, refines the skin’s texture and eliminates dead skin cells.

– Mini Lift: Indicated for mature skin lacking tone (sagging skin), for a visibly firmer and “lifted” appearance.

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