Medi-Lift New York


Jacob Peacock, CTS
(Certified Treatment Specialist)
Medi-Lift New York

Jacob Peacock is a trained and licensed therapist in the muscles of the face and their retraining and toning. He graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City, NY in 2007.  Originally from Montana, he has lived in New York City  for 9 years working in the anti-aging and entertainment industries. Clients include entertainment and modeling professionals as well as those who desire to stay toned and fresh from jawline and neck to forehead and brow.
Jacob has trained under Allied Health Association and has worked for over 7 years under Holly Clandfield, R.N./Owner at the flagship Medi-Lift Spa in Bigfork, Montana. 
Jacob Peacock is endorsed by Dr. Hema Nair, PhD.                                                                            
Call for Appointments:
(646) 530-4940
Services Offered:

The Signature Medi-Lift Facial
• Facial Muscle Lifting and Toning
• Skin Tightening, Retexture, and Tone


Bio-Electric Rejuvenation
Facial Muscle Toning, Lifting & Tightening


As we age the cells of our face and body regenerate more slowly and lose energy. Microcurrents are low level electrical currents, called micro amperes, that copy the body’s own bioelectrical charge. These currents rebalance the slowing cells energy and stimulate renewal at increased speed. Microcurrent stimulates the production of ATP within the cell, boosting stored cellular energy by up to 500%.

The muscle specific treatments, strengthen and retrain the muscle back to a more toned and youthful line. We accomplish this through a series that works the individual muscles from origin to insertion points, gaining in intensity as the muscle becomes more toned. This rejuvenates the face from the cells to the muscles and skin.


LHE – Micro-photo-therapy (by Radiancy Co.)
Skin Retexture, Tone, Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Safe, Effective, Non-Invasive, No Down Time


LHE (Light Heat Energy), also known as micro-photo-therapy, improves fine lines, mottled pigmentation, uneven skin tone and redness caused by sun damage as well as pigmented lesions (sun spots). It tightens the skin and pores and gives a lovely glow and light to the face. Using pure light and controlled heat, this treatment causes the skin to renew itself by creating a controlled thermal reaction in the deeper layers of the dermis.

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