Safer Tanning

SaferTanning01Safer Tanning – Get Your Glow On!
Now at Medi-Lift 

Dr. Mercola’s Skin Rejuvenating Sun Splash Refresh Stand-Up Booth

Relax in the Glow of 4 Health-Enhancing Lights

Enjoy Vitamin D Producing UVB, Skin Rejuvenating, Infrared, Red and Blue Light




VitaminDRecommended by the Vitamin D Council

Vitamin D is an important member of Dr. Oz’s anti-aging checklist; it plays a number of roles in our bodies, including:
  o Promoting absorption of calcium and bone health
  o Boosting immune function
  o Reducing inflammation
  o Healthy neuro-muscular function
  o Protecting against some forms of cancer
  o Safer tanning with skin rejuvenation


Can a Tanning Booth Be Healthy?
A tanning booth can be a safe way to optimize your vitamin D level, but it must be the right kind of tanning booth—one that produces UVB without dangerous EMF radiation produced from magnetic ballasts used in most conventional tanning booths.

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