Medi-Lift Spa Products

NEW!  Offered Exclusively at Medi-Lift Spa, the “Gym for Your Skin”
Whip – Polish – Frost

Luxurious Bath Whip, Body Polish and Body Frosting, all made in Montana with Holly’s own exclusive formula.  Providing both immediate results, and improvement over time, these all natural spa products are made to make your skin look and feel beautiful and young again.

Medi-Lift Spa – Anti-Aging Body Frosting
Smooth • Tighten • Tone • Heal 
Peptides and Anti-oxidants
Vegan Friendly – Paraben Free
(Allergy Alert: Contains Walnut Extracts)

Available in person at our Spa, or purchase on Amazon here:

Anti-Aging Body Frosting

Anti-Aging Body Frosting


Body Frosting Ingredients

Body Frosting Ingredients


Biopeptide Cl  Stimulates new collagen growth
Biopeptide El  Firms and tones ski
Gatuline Age Defense (Walnut Extract) Defends skin against aging, smoothes/brightens
DMAE & MSM  Tightens the muscles that keeps the skin healthy – anti-sagging effect
Anti-Oxidant A, C & E  Protects the skin against free radical damage
Shea Butter  Smoothing, ultra-moisturizing, protects
Coconut Oil  Excellent skin moisturizer and softener
Zinc/Titanium Oxide  Well-known for its ability to provide strong UV protection
Hyaluronic Acid  “Fountain of Youth”, holds moisture in skin and plumps
Pumpkin Extract  Rich in Vitamin A (skin healing), acts as a carrier, assists other ingredients to absorb deeper, intensifies results
Goat’s Milk  Regenerative exfoliant, breaks down bonds that hold dead skin cells together
Arnica Montana  Used for centuries to naturally relieve pain; cooling effect for fast pain relief
Avocado Body Butter  Moisturizing, and promotes healthy cell turnover, with healing properties
Frankincense and Myrrh  Heals skin, reduces acne and scarring


Medi-Lift Spa – Sugar and Shea Body Polish
Exfoliate – Moisturize
Vegan – 95% Natural – 25% Shea Butter

A minimalistic approach to maximum skin benefits… Get beautiful, smooth skin, exfoliate and moisturize with one simple step!

Available at our Spa – Call to order or drop by


Sugar and Shea Body Polish



Sugar and Shea Ingredients

Medi-Lift Spa – Moisturizing Foaming Bath Whip
Luxury for Skin
Avocado Butter and Shea Butter

Available at our Spa – Call to order or drop by

Moisturizing Foaming Bath Whip

Moisturizing Foaming Bath Whip

Bath Whip Ingredients

Bath Whip Ingredients


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