Overall my experience with Holly was amazing. She is very knowledgeable about what she is doing and I could automatically trust her working on my skin. But not only are her treatments great. She also gave me samples of products that I absolutely love and they have been working! I would recommend Medi-Lift Spa to anyone needing a great facial and anyone who wants to feel like a million dollars afterward.”

-Sasha Stocking

“Exceptional services. Love all the treatments that I have had. Holly is very professional and caring. You can trust her with every aspect of your treatments. I highly recommend her and everything she has to offer.”

-Paula D’Arcy

“This spa and spa treatment, at the hands of a talented lady who knows her products and knows exactly how to analyze your skin and suggest what is best for whatever your needs are is highly recommended by me. I love all her products and treatments.”


“Love my results! I sang your praises to a friend last night at a wine tasting! And before I told her about you, she said I looked great! Excellent lead into what I wanted to tell her. I gave her your brochure. I can tell a bit of difference in my arms, not as saggy over the elbow crease. And looks like my top eyelid folds are not as baggy either. I’m eager to finish the program that you started for me. Thank you, Holly!”

-Ann Payne

“This is the best treatment for face and body. Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Holly is the best and completely professional. Love what she has done to my skin!”

-Terrie Long Sonju

“Great services… I am very pleased with the treatments and results from them. A very professional and comfortable setting that I would recommend to anyone!”

-Charlene Bick-Schaub

“With only three treatments I am already noticing a difference in my fine lines and overall appearance of my face and neck. The best part is other people have noticed too! Holly is so knowledgeable and the treatments are relaxing, like a massage. I highly recommend Medi-Lift Spa.”

-Susan G.

“After a meeting and treatment with Holly at Medi-Lift Face & Body Solutions, I feel confident in Holly’s knowledge she shares with each visit. She goes beyond the agreed treatment. I could see a difference in my skin the first visit and see continued improvement with each and every visit. I would not hesitate to recommend Medi-Lift Spa for looking & feeling better!”

-Dawn M.