Botinol (Botox® – like effect)


Botinol (Botox® – like effect)
G.M. Collin’s Signature Anti-Aging Procedure provides a Botox® – like effect

No Needle.  No Pain.  No Risk.

This clinically proven, four step treatment effectively reduces superficial lines and deeper wrinkles. Using collagen and vegetral filling spheres, the relaxing treatment plumps and redensifies skin for a rejuvenated appearance. After just one session, up to 97% of wrinkles are visibly reduced, with even more amazing results after the next three sessions.
Benefits: Fine lines and wrinkles are relaxed and smoothed, the face has a more rejuvenated appearance. This relaxing treatment session envelops the skin in pleasant textures leaving it with an overall sense of well-being.

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