NEW! The only fully customized thermal massager in the industry, now available at Medi-Lift Spa, Whitefish

Ceragem Master V3

The Ceragem Master V3

Automatic Thermal Massager Fully Customized for Your Body

The Ceragem V3 is the first and only massager that scans the length of your spine and provides a fully customized massage, relaxing muscles, relieving arthritis pain, while improving blood circulation and energy.

Ceragem massage therapy featuring rollers and infrared (IR) heat to promote healing and improve overall wellness. The rollers, made from jade, naturally stimulate circulation, while the IR rays warm the body to stimulate the blood vessels.

ceragem master v3

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• Alleviates muscle tension, stiffness, and fatigue to achieve pain relief
• Eases aches associated with arthritis
• Enhances posture and flexibility by promoting better range of motion in the joints
• Improves blood circulation
• Benefits skin and respiratory system reduces cellulite, and stabilizes breathing patterns
• Promotes deep sleep
• Promotes immune system
• Enhances emotional and mental advantages by establishing a stronger mind/body connection, and creating a sense of wellness, the massages may help to eliminate anxiety, and the relaxing effects produced by the session can calm the mind and promote clear thinking

Pricing for the thermal massage bed:

30 Minute Massage Session / $25 Each / Buy 10 – Get 1 Free


30 Minute Massage Session + LED Light Therapy / $50 Each / Buy 10 – Get 1 Free

What People Are Saying

About Ceragem Thermal Massage

“I love that Holly continues to educate herself on the latest technology and invest in the best equipment. Having the thermal massage bed waiting for me after my treatment is the best part of my day.”

“The results I get with Holly’s treatments are noticeable and I trust her advice and expertise.  Now that she has the thermal massage bed I can’t live without her!”
— anonymous, long term client

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