Tips for Beautiful Skin…


During winter, your skin is exposed to wide variations of temperatures, stronger winds, and the drying air of urban heating. As a result, all skin types experience water loss, and dry skin tends to get even drier. The skin loses its suppleness and softness, it becomes flaky and itchy.

Counter Winter Skin

Counter Winter Skin with Healing and Rejuvenating Products, such as G.M. Collin Paris Anti-Aging products offered at Med-Lift Spa

During this time of year, remember to use skin care products that provide intense and long-term hydration, and help keep water loss at its minimum by reinforcing the skin’s hydration barrier. And should your skin be dry, don’t forget to include nourishing products in your routine as well: they will protect and soothe your skin, while keeping it supple, soft and healthy!


Anti-Aging Body Frosting to Smooth, Tighten, Tone and Heal

Medi-Lift Spa’s own Made-in-Montana Anti-Aging skincare line – to smooth, tighten, tone and heal. With special natural ingredients such as Frankincense and Myrrh for healing and rejuvenation. Drop in or call (406) 730-2883, or order here on Amazon


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